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South Pennines Landmarks: Discover the Hidden Gems

South Pennines Landmarks - Marsden Moor. Copyright David Sugden

Littleborough Lakeside is part of the South Pennines. As such, it especially makes a great base from which to explore this dramatic landscape and historically significant region.  The area is a stunning upland region in Northern England, stretching across West Yorkshire, Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

Historical Hare Hill House

Hare Hill House, Littleborough Kevin-Waterhouse

Birch Hill Hospital has stood at the foot of the West Pennines, overlooking Dearnley and Rochdale, since 1877. Originally opened on 1 November 1877 as a Workhouse by Rochdale Union, it later became a hospital. In 1902 the Workhouse was expanded with a hospital block. In 1931 it gained a Children’s Ward and a Maternity Home. In 1948, they all became a part of the newly formed National Health Service.

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